Shell Jewelry

Shell jewelry is believed to date back 100,000 years making it the oldest form of jewelry. As a child my parents took us to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for summer holiday. We would collect seashells and bring them home to use for many craft projects. Our projects would always remind us of our vacation. It was not until 2004 that I started using shells in my designs. I was first taken with Abalone pronounced AB-a-lone-ney. The colors of Abalone remind me of the shallow waters of Key West made even more colorful by spawning yellowtail (Yellowtail is one of the most popular fish in Key West restaurants). The shell of the abalone is very strong, made of microscopic calcium carbonate and is said to strengthen harmony in relationships. An Apache girl will wear an abalone shell on her forehead during the sunrise initiation into womanhood.
I include my Key West beach coral with my shell jewelry. Each piece is truly unique. I comb the beaches of Key West looking for coral I can handcraft into my one of kind designs.
The mussel shells are crafted into fun light weight earrings. Whether you like the long 3 drop shell earrings or the play of colors with the layered look, just remember the shell section of my web page shows just a few examples please feel free to contact me with addition color choices. My newest design using the mussel shell shows a white arc shell affixed to the mussel shell.
My latest inspiration is the knobby starfish. I first started making ornaments, seeing the prongs like those on a ring. After finding smaller knobby starfish I have designed; rings, scarf rings and pendants. All of these designs include a Swarovski crystal.

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