Druzy Pendants

There are several different spellings but “druzy”, “drusy” and “druse” all refers to tiny quartz crystals that form within or on other stones. Ground water carrying dissolved silica is forced into porous areas of rock, when rapid cooling occurs there is a formation of minute crystals (less than 2mm in diameter) on minerals or gemstones. The cutting of druzy cabochons begins with a rough agate geode. After removing the outer layer of agate, the inner cavity with the druzy is revealed. These pieces are then cut so that a thin layer is left with the drusy crystals appearing on the top. The agate portion is then shaped, sanded and polished. Druzy agates can also be enhanced with color or coatings.
I first purchased druzys at a gem show in Marlboro, Massachusetts in the early 1990’s. They were very expensive, but I fell in love with the sparkle. I knew my wire wrap technique of framing would enhance the beauty of the contrasting smooth surface of the agate and the sugar like sparkle of the drusy. As luck would have it I found a new supplier in Kissimmee, Florida. Marcelo owned a mine in Brazil and he wanted to keep his workers busy all year so his prices were much better.

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